CLA Black Label

CLA Black Label – Sport Horse Stallion at Stud

(Remi Marten X Qajar)

Owner: Debra Tavakoli, Tabriz, Iran

CLA BLACK LABEL has proven himself in the show ring and in the breeding barn. As a show horse, he has multiple championships in sport horse stallion halter and ribbons in sport horse under saddle and sport horse show hack. He is also a proven sire of quality – from his first three registered get he is the sire of U.S. Top Ten Sporthorse Jackpot Filly CLA PINOT NOIR.

CLA BLACK LABEL is a black stallion with a difference-a world class heritage featuring the blood of National Champions and National Champion producers close up in his pedigree. He has close lines to U.S. National Champion Stallions *BASK++ and GALIZON, to Canadian National Champion Park COGNAC and to Canadian National Champion Stallion COMAR BAY BEAU+++, all sires of National Champions. His pedigree also features linebreeding to two very significant sires-AZRAFF, the top siring son of the immortal *RAFFLES with 23 National winning get and U.S. Top Ten Stallion AAHDIN++, a sire and grandsire of National winners in halter and performance whose descendants have won on the National level in multiple performance divisions. Linebreeding in a pedigree helps a horse sire true to his own type, and linebreeding to horses whose descendants have excelled in competition for many generations gives a stallion a distinct advantage in passing along his own best traits.

CLA BLACK LABEL’s sire REMI MARTEN has sired champions in halter, western pleasure, English pleasure, country pleasure,  pleasure driving and  park and regional winners including Region 9 Top Five English Pleasure Junior Horse HOTT TODDY. REMI MARTEN is a 3/4 brother WIND SONJA, dam of the very successful endurance competitor CHASE THEWIND AH, who has 4,435 career miles in 81 rides with 71 completions and 13 Best Condition awards in a 13 year career.  REMI MARTEN is also a 3/4 brother to 3 National winners and 3 producers of National winners. REMI MARTEN is a 3/4 sibling to U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure JOTR ALPINE WINTERWIND++ and to BO SONG, dam of (dam of Canadian Top Ten English Pleasure Junior Horse BO DIDDLEY and of U.S. Reserve National Champion Hunt Pleasure JOTR 13/Under BBEAT GOES ON+, who has 5 National titles in hunt pleasure, show hack and English sidesaddle).

REMI MARTEN is also a 3/4 brother to Canadian National Champion Mare and U.S. Reserve National Champion Mare A LOVE-NOTE++. A LOVE-NOTE++ was a successful breeding mare as well as a show mare as all three of her offspring were champions: Canadian Top Ten Futurity Filly LJM HEAVEN SENT, Region 7 Top Five Country Pleasure and pleasure driving reserve champion KABORRS LOVE, and halter and western pleasure champion and regional country English pleasure winner LJM ENCORE, sire of U.S. National Champion English Pleasure Walk/Trot ENJETTE.

Another 3/4 sibling to REMI MARTEN is U.S. National Champion English Pleasure and National winner producer MARK IV CORONATION, dam of 4 champions including regional English pleasure winner ALL NIGHT LONG, regional halter champion AREST,  regional English pleasure, country pleasure and country pleasure driving champion ON YOUR MARK, nine time National winner in English pleasure and country pleasure MATAMARK+/. MARK IV CORONATION’s daughter MELODY AFIRE produced U.S. Top Ten English Pleasure Junior Horse MELISSA DGL.

REMI MARTEN is by Canadian National Champion Park COGNAC, sire of 114 champions and 24 National winners. National Champions by COGNAC include U.S. National Champion Park MISS COGNAC (dam of 2 National winners), U.S. Reserve National Champions in Park COGNAC PERFECTION and GDAAN, PERSONALITY (a U.S. National Champion in Trail and Second Level Dressage), U.S. National Champion Formal Driving HAPPY OURS (dam of 2 National winners), Canadian National Champion Park CUTTY WATER, Canadian Reserve National Champion Park TO LOVE AGAIN, and multi-National Champion Native Costume and U.S. and Canadian Top Ten Park KAS SHAI TANI. 42 COGNAC get have produced National winners through 2009. National Champions produced by COGNAC get include U.S. National Champion Mare and English Pleasure Junior Horse ERICCA, A TEMPTATION (whose 7 National titles include U.S. National Champion English Pleasure Junior Horse, U.S. National Champion English Pleasure, U.S. National Champion Pleasure Driving and Pleasure Driving AOTD, and U.S. Reserve National Champion Park), multi-National Champion in Park and English Pleasure MAGALAD+//, etc. COGNAC is a product of the highly successful *BASK++/*GDYNIA++ cross that has also produced Canadian Reserve National Champion Park and National Champion sire GDANSK+/ , U.S. and Canadian Top Ten English Pleasure GRANAADA (a champion producer and maternal granddam of National winner in english pleasure AOTR NOBLE SERENADER), National winner producers GRENEDYNE and GARNET, and champion producer GARDENIA. *GDYNIA++ is a U.S. National Champion in English Pleasure and produced a total of 6 champions, 5 of them National winners and 5 National winner producers (the others are Canadian Top Ten Gelding BUSZIR and U.S. Top Ten Stallion and National Champion sire GUARNTEED).

REMI MARTEN’s dam ALPINE WIND SONG is a very significant mare as she produced 6 champions and 4 producers of National winners.  Her other champions not previously mentioned are English pleasure champion LJM ALPINES IMAGE and PRINCE RAFFDAZON+++, a regional winner in halter and western pleasure and sire of champions including U.S. Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure JOTR 13/Under FORGET MEE NOT. ALPINE WIND SONG is by Canadian National Champion Stallion and Reserve National Champion Western Pleasure COMAR BAY BEAU+++, sire of 14 National winners and 18 producers of National winners. Her dam BU-KIBIR-WITEZA also produced regional reserve champion stock horse and top five western pleasure HAI KARATE+ and HAI FASHION (sired by HAI KARATE+ and thus the result of a mother/son mating), the dam of halter champion and regional reserve champion park STRIKE FORSE, U.S. Reserve National Champion Hunter AOTR and Hunter JTR STRIKING FASHION+/ and of ALPINE HAI NOON+++//, who has 7 National titles in sporthorse halter, hunt pleasure and English sidesaddle.

CLA BLACK LABEL’s dam QAJAR is a granddaughter of U.S. National Champion Stallion GALIZON and is linebred to *RAFFLES through his get AZRAFF and INDRAFF. She also has a line to *COUNT DORSAZ, a sire of National Champions in halter and park.  She is by junior halter champion BALI HAI INDZON, a paternal brother to U.S. National Champion Mare JON SAN JUDIZON. BALI HAI INDZON’s sire GALIZON is by AZRAFF, also the sire of ALPINE WIND SONG’s sire COMAR BAY BEAU+++.  BALI HAI INDZON is out of National winner producer BALI HAI INDRAD, whose 4 champion offspring include Region 16 Top Five Stock Horse SRF SO INDRAFF, Region 14 Top Five Show Hack and Sidesaddle PRESIDENT SADAT and U.S. Top Ten Pleasure Driving BALI HAI ZARKA. BALI HAI INDRAD is a paternal sister to U.S. National Champion Stallion RADAMASON++ and to U.S. National Champion Park AOTR AL FEYOUM++.  She is a maternal sister to BALI HAI PONTA, a multi-regional winner in halter, English pleasure and pleasure driving.

QAJAR’s dam, LA PERLA NEGRA, has three lines to U.S. Top Ten Stallion AAHDIN++ (two through his daughter ROSE ARABY HOPE). AAHDIN++ sired U.S. Top Ten Hunter ROSE ARABU SATAN and U.S. Top Ten Sidesaddle ROSE ARABY ANGELA. AAHDIN++ daughters have produced such National winners as U.S. Top Ten Show Hack ONYX KUBABA, U.S Top Ten Western Pleasure JOTR ONYX FILIGREE+/, U.S. Top Ten Hunt Pleasure RED HOLLY BRIAN and U.S. Reserve National Champion Pleasure Driving AOTD, U.S. Top Ten Native Costume and three times Top Ten English Pleasure OM MONARCH. U.S. Top Ten Western Pleasure Junior Horse TSHATAUGUA, U.S. and Canadian Top Ten Pleasure Driving TSENTURIAN and U.S. Reserve National Champion Pleasure Driving CSR GASPARILLA are all out of AAHDIN++ granddaughters.  The AAHDIN++ grandson SAFIR NISAN is the sire of U.S. Top Ten Hunter CF BAROQUE, three times U.S. Top Ten Hunter CF ROYAL MYSTIQUE and U.S. National Champion Hunter CF ROYAL JESTER++. LA PERLA NEGRA’s maternal grandsire ROSE ARABY JOSEPH (a double AAHDIN++ grandson) is a full brother to ROSE ARABY STORMY, dam of 1983 Region 12 Champion English Pleasure JOTR and 1987 Region 15 Champion Sidesaddle and Top Five Native Costume FLEETWINDS TASK).

LA PERLA NEGRA also has two lines to the straight Egyptian National Champion sire HALLANY MISTANNY through HMR HALTANNY, a full brother to National winner producer HIMR BINT WAZIRIA. HALLANY MISTANNY sired 6 National winners and 19 producers of National winners including Canadian Reserve National Champion Mare HABINA++, dam of 6 National winners. LA PERLA NEGRA has a line to JAWHARAH (dam of National winner producer CRESCENTS ALI). She is heavily linebred to Babson Egyptian lines through ZABBA (dam of ROSE ARABY HOPE, National Champion sire ZAB and ZENZELA, dam of National Champion producer ZARFA) and DINAH (dam of AAHDIN++), noted for their type and versatility of performance in everything from polo to endurance riding to show ring competition. Thus, CLA BLACK LABEL’s pedigree shows great potential as a sire of beautiful athletes and he has lived up to that promise with his first few get.