Equine Therapy

This is where we will post information regarding our upcoming Equine Therapy Program.  Check back for updates!

Equine assisted psychotherapy is an emerging form of therapeutic intervention in which horses are used as tools for clients to gain self-understanding and emotional growth. Equine assisted psychotherapy is a type of animal assisted therapy, a field of mental health that recognizes the bond between animals and humans and the potential for emotional healing that can occur when a relationship is formed between the two species. 

Equine Therapy

Therapeutic Horseback Riding can benefit people with a wide range of individual challenges and disabilities, including:

·         Autism

·         Asperger Syndrome

·         Amputation

·         Spinal Cord Injury

·         Brain Injury

·         Developmentally Delay

·         Down’s Syndrome

·         Emotion disabilities

·         Seizure Disorders

·         Cerebral Palsy

·         Parkinson’s Disease

·         Learning Disabilities

·         Stroke patients

·         Visual and Hearing Impairment

·         Speech Impairments

·         Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

·         Extended Grief

·         Anxiety attacks and Phobias

·         Cardiovascular disabilities

·         Chemical and Alcohol Abuse

·         Multiple Sclerosis

·         Muscular Dystrophy

·         Spina Bifida

·         And others